Bella Grace Tanning Salon

Bella Grace Tanning Salon

"Best Tanning Salon in Milwaukee"

Bella Grace Tanning Salon LLC - "Do This For You!"

1)   Great equipment
2)   Friendly employees
3)   Clean salon
4)   Monthly specials
5)   Now on Facebook - be a Fan

1)   Check out the equipment at Bella Grace.
       You have never seen tanning beds and booths like this.
       ALL high quality VHR and HP tanning equipment.

2)   Stop by the salon and meet everyone.
       Tracie, Rebecca, Nichole and Amy.
      NOBODY can take better care of you.
       (if you are lucky - maybe even Kathy will be there)

3)    At Bella Grace Tanning Salon in Milwaukee, 
       We take pride in keeping our salon and equipment clean. 

4)    There are many tanning specials at Bella Grace.
       The  New Customer Package, special Group Rates. (and more)
       We also have online specials we can email you (just sign up).

5)    Now on Facebook

    Check out the rest of this site for more tanning information.

TAN TAX - Remember - Bella Grace Tanning Salon LLC collects

the 10% Federal Tan Tax on all tanning packages

See you at the salon.