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Suncapsule SuperSonic

!!!7 minute VHR tanning is here!!!

Check out this amazing pair of vertical equipment. Bella Grace Tanning Salon LLC is the first tanning salon in Wisconsin to get these brand new booths.

Suncapsule SuperSonic Stand Up Booths

This is the actual graphic on the front of Bella Grace's 2 Suncapsule SuperSonics.

These are stand up booths. Stand up booths offer a more even tan because there are not the pressure points that tan poorly with a lay down tanning bed. The Suncapsule SuperSonic is the finest tanning booth anywhere.

Check out these stats.

55 VHR/HP Bulbs (12,100 Watts)

22 MPH fan keeps the tanning capsule cool and comfortable

7 minute maximum tanning session

Tanning session prices as low as $7

Built in Peabody, Massachusetts

Check out their site at